Office Hours

Monday 10am – 7pm
Tuesday 10am – 7pm
Wednesday 10am – 7pm
Thursday 10am – 7pm
Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 2pm

‘walk-in’ patient appointments are always welcome.

Your treatment plan…Chiropractors and massage therapists support overall health, not just fix pain and injury. Although treating and alleviating pain and injury is part of what we do, we also educate our clients on what’s actually wrong with them, why it may have occurred and what they can do to prevent it from happening again.What we do is support overall lifelong wellness, rather than perform simple repair work.Think of your chiropractor or massage therapist as more like your dentist than your doctor. Dentists provide regular maintenance and care to prevent problems before they happen, fixing the occasional acute problem along the way, of course, but their main function is to maintain tooth health throughout your lifetime. In the same sense, chiropractors fix acute neck and back pain, but are most beneficial when incorporated into a long-term prevention and maintenance plan.Your first visit to your chiropractor will be slightly longer than the next, as we will go through your health history with you, perform a physical assessment, offer a diagnosis and explain the treatment plan. Treatment is provided on the initial visit.

Chiropractic Hours/Fees

There is always at least one Chiropractor on at any given time. Practitioner schedules are subject to change.

Dana Curtis Brianna
Monday 2pm – 7pm 10am – 2pm 2pm – 7pm
Tuesday 10am – 1pm 10am – 7pm 2pm – 7pm
Wednesday 2pm – 7pm 10am – 2pm 1pm – 7pm
Thursday 1pm – 6pm 10am – 7pm 10am – 2pm
Friday 10am – 2pm 10am – 6pm 1pm – 6pm
Saturday  OFF 9am – 2pm
(alternate Saturday’s)
9am – 2pm
Regular (age 15-64) Child (age 0-14) Senior (age 65+)
Initial Visit $80.00 $65.00 $65.00
Subsequent Visit $45.00 $35.00 $35.00

Massage Hours/Fees

Massage hours are the same as clinic hours

30 min $55 +GST
45 min $70 +GST
60 min $85 +GST
75 min $100 +GST
90 min $115 +GST

We have the following available for purchase onsite:

  • Cervical Pillows
  • Lumbar Support Backrests
  • Medisticks
  • Pressure Point Rods
  • Sacroiliac Joint Belts
  • Foam Rollers
  • Lacrosse Balls
  • Posture Medic Posture Support
  • Thera Band
  • Relaxus Hot/Cold Soft Gel Pack
  • Dowel
  • Pregnancy belt
  • Low back belt

Please call the clinic at 403-295-3008 for an appointment.

Beddington Chiropractic and Massage Cancellation and Missed appointment Policy

A minimum of 24 hours (1 business day) notice is required for massage therapy appointment changes and cancellations. If less than adequate notice is provided or you miss your appointment, Beddington Chiropractic and Massage reserves the right to charge your account the full amount of the scheduled appointment. The charge on your account must be settled prior to booking your next appointment.

Please note that insurance will not cover this fee.

Thank you and we look forward to making you feel amazing!